A smart home security System with innovative Technology

it’s professionally monitored 24/7 for an affordable way.
Irvinei is a door bell system which is not only doorbell but complete security system power by Artificial Intelligence and Social Media Integration with latest technologies and features. Irvinei doorbell sends push notifications when they detect motion, record video day or night, and have two-way audio for talking with guests at your door.

Amazing Features

  • Easy Setup and Installation

    Easy & fastest way of installation, just download configure settings and use it.

  • Brain Home (Artifical Intelligence)

    Deployed autonomous device that has innovative techniques of artificial intelligent

  • Zone alerts

    zones allow you to define a specific area that you want your app to cover while ignoring everything outside that area

  • Analytics of Visitors at Door

    Advance analytics statistics of every visitors.

  • Unlimited Storage

    This is not Limit of storage data of app, We used cloud base storage device to manupulate data.

  • Fast Comunication (Audio, Video, Chat)

    Reliable communication between admin and user

  • Multiple IP Camera Connection

    One app connected with different external port for each camera

  • Multiple Social Media (Facebook) Connection

    unlimited facebook account connection in one app

  • Security Instants Alerts

    pet or baby runaway alerts, eavesdrop alerts, suspicious activity alerts at your door step.

  • Night Vision Deduction

    We have ensured here some of the leading camaca features of night vision in irvinei app.

HOME AI 2.0 full house smart home operating system

Brand-new UI design , efficient interactive and AI voice assistant, creating a new humanized smart home
experience for users.

Social media integration

unlimited facebook account connection in one app


One of the most important features you’ll need access to is activity notifications.

Smart Home capability

Have Alexa or Google Assistant check the front door for you with smart home compatibility.

Two way audio and video calling

Listen in and communicate with visitors through two-way audio. If the video doorbell comes with a mobile app, you should be able to get a notification when someone’s at your door and have the ability to speak to them.

Night Vision

Make sure you can see clearly at night with this feature.

Power consumption of device

We have ensured here some of the leading camara features of power consumption in irvinei app.