AI alerts in Irvinei app

In the Irvinei app, AI Alerts play a crucial role in enhancing home security by leveraging artificial intelligence for real-time threat detection. The AI Security Alerts feature utilizes AI to promptly identify security threats from doorbell camera and any external cameras added by users in their irvinei app, and send instant alerts to users. Among the specialized alerts are:

  • Visitor Alert: Notifies homeowners when a visitor arrives.
  • Baby/Pet Runaway Alert: Alerts in case a baby or pet leaves a designated area.
  • Fire Detection: Uses AI to detect smoke and flames, providing early warnings.
  • Weapon Detection: It recognizes gun and knife shaped objects, alerting homeowners to potential threats.
  • Intruder Detection: Alerts users if an intruder is detected in any of the cameras added by the users in irvinei app.
  • Eavesdropper Alert: Notifies of potential eavesdropping activities.
  • Unwanted Visitor Alert: Alerts users when someone from the “unwanted person” list is detected at the doorbell.
  • Jumping from Backyard Wall: Detects and alerts if someone jumps over the backyard wall.
  • Parcel Detection and Theft Alert: Notifies users about the presence of parcels and detects parcel theft.
  • Dog Poop Detection: Identifies and alerts when dog poop is detected.
  • Animal Detection: Alerts for the presence of animals.
  • Vehicle Detection: Notifies users about detected vehicles.
  • Swimming Pool Drowning Detection: Alerts in case of a potential drowning in the swimming pool.
  • Elder/Baby Fall Detection: Detects falls among elders or babies.
  • Motion Detection: Alerts users about any detected motion in the surroundings.

These AI Alerts contribute to a comprehensive security system, offering users insights and warnings to ensure the safety of their homes and loved ones.

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