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What to know?

Mounting Essentials: To mount your Irvinei Doorbell, gather the mounting bracket from the package, a drill with appropriate bits, ear and eye protection, a pencil for marking, and screws or plastic anchors suitable for your mounting surface. Purpose of the Level: The level embedded in the mounting bracket ensures proper alignment and positioning. It helps maintain a field of view essential for the doorbell’s optimal functionality. Marking Pilot Holes: Use the level to align the bracket accurately. Mark the spots for pilot holes with a pencil, ensuring precise placement for your screws or anchors. Drill Bit Selection: Choose the drill bit based on your mounting surface. For brick or concrete,

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How to use

Setting Up and Maximizing Your Irvinei Smart Doorbell

Are you ready to enhance your home security with the Irvinei smart doorbell?Installing and configuring this advanced technology might seem daunting, but with our step-by-step guide, you’ll have your smart doorbell up and running smoothly in no time. Setting Up the Irvinei App: To kick things off, download the Irvinei app from the App Store or Google Play Store onto your mobile device. Once installed, log in using your account details. The app will automatically connect to your local Wi-Fi network, ensuring seamless access to its features. To link your doorbell device, simply scan the QR code displayed on the app using your phone’s camera. This step activates, registers, and

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