What is Irvinei app? What features does this app provide?

Discover the Irvinei app – your gateway to a smarter home and a connected community! The article introduces you to the introduction to the app’s main features.

Irvinei Doorbell Control:

Connect with your visitors through live video, audio, and text messages using the Irvinei app. Monitor and manage your visitor history with ease, including editing names, adding to an unwanted list, and sharing information with your neighborhood.

Smart Devices:

Take command of your home’s smart devices, such as security cameras, lights, and Alexa, directly from the Irvinei app. Enjoy seamless control and convenience.


Engage with your community through the Neighborhood feature. Create and view posts, join watch groups for security updates, check the Crimometer for safety, and assess your area’s Vitality Score – all in one place.

Voice Control:

Simplify your smart home experience with voice commands. Navigate features and control devices effortlessly through vocal instructions.

Social Media Sync:

Sync your social media accounts with the app to quickly identify visitors from your friends’ list. Enhance your social connection with this seamless integration.

Subscription Management:

Tailor your smart home experience by managing subscriptions. Choose the plan that aligns with your needs and budget through the Irvinei app.

User Management:

Create different user profiles with varying access levels to efficiently manage doorbell and smart home devices.

AI Alerts:

Benefit from real-time threat detection powered by AI. Receive notifications for detected objects, including eavesdroppers, fire, and weapons.

Theme Store:

Personalize your experience with the Theme feature. Share and receive themes, turn imagination into personalized themes, and easily change the doorbell theme for a customized touch.

This article provides you a general overview. Specific features and functionalities may vary depending on your device model and subscription plan. Consult the official Irvinei support resources on the website for detailed information and troubleshooting guidance.

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