What is Neighborhood in Irvinei app?

What the Feature Is About

Irvinei’s Neighborhood feature is like a lively community center where you and your neighbors can share posts. It’s for everyone, whether or not you have an Irvinei doorbell. This feature has sub features like Neighborhood Watch, Crimometer for checking safety, and Vitality Score to see how things are in your area. It’s basically a one-stop place for all things neighborhood-related.

Neighborhood Feed

This is where you can view posts from various neighborhood users or create your own by sharing any incident from your doorbell or by uploading from mobile. Engage with the community by liking, sharing, and commenting on different posts. You can also filter posts based on different categories. You can share the posts to neighborhood watches or to friends on facebook, whatsapp, etc.

Neighborhood Watch

It allows you to create watch groups based on the neighborhood location, members of the group can chat with each other, and see each other’s house cameras added by watch group members. There is a feed to see posts shared in watch groups by their respective members. This feature also provides you the ability to create new watch groups and request to join any existing watch groups.


The Crimometer empowers you with a visual representation of safety incidents within your community, combining posts shared by users and external crime data. You can customize the area for which you want to see incidents.

Vitality Score

Vitality Score provides you with a holistic view of their community’s overall well-being, incorporating various factors such as safety, amenities, commute options, and employment conditions. It provides a visual representation through graphs of these score to get better understanding of how liveable the selected area is.

By utilizing these features within Irvinei Neighborhood, you can actively contribute to building safer, more connected, and vibrant communities. Whether it’s through community engagement, safety monitoring, or assessing overall well-being, Irvinei empowers you to play an integral role in shaping their neighborhoods.

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