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What is social media sync in Irvinei app?

Recognize Your Social Media Friends at the Door Irvinei doesn’t just show you who’s ringing your doorbell, it can recognize who’s at the door by their names if they are your social media friends. Connect Your Accounts: You can link your Facebook and Instagram accounts to the Irvinei app and Irvinei will then recognize any visitors who are on your linked social media accounts as friends. Know Your Guests: When a familiar face rings your doorbell, you’ll get a notification with their name. You can also go to the “visitors” on your irvinei app to see the visitors’ names and their pictures. Plan Your Limits: The number of accounts you can link and resync depends on your Irvinei plan: Irvinei’s social media recognition feature gives you a friendly heads-up on who’s at your door. So whether you’re expecting a good friend or someone you’d rather avoid, you’ll always be in the know! For detailed instructions on managing your social media accounts and more, visit the Irvinei support website.

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Unable to sync social media accounts to your Irvinei app?

Are you facing trouble linking your Facebook or Instagram accounts with your irvinei app? Here are quick solutions to common problems: Check Your Internet Connection: Issue: Poor or no internet connection can affect the process of linking social media accounts to the irvinei app. Solution: Ensure a stable internet connection and then  retry linking the account. Update the App: Issue: Sometimes outdated version of application can cause issues with linking of the accounts.. Solution: Make sure to always update to the latest version of the irvinei app from the App Store or Google Play. Verify Social Media Credentials: Issue: It may be possible that you are trying to login with incorrect login credentials to facebook/instagram. Solution: Double-check Facebook and Instagram credentials before linking. Account Linking Limitations: Issue: The number of accounts you can sync with the app depends upon the subscription plan. It maybe possible that you have already synced maximum number of social media accounts. Solution: Ensure you’re within the maximum allowed account connections. For further details visit what to know section of social media integration part in support section of the website.

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