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Unable to change theme on doorbell

If you’re facing difficulties changing the theme on your doorbell, several issues may be at play. Here are potential solutions for each problem: Upload Theme Button Disabled: Access level: If you’re a viewer user, you won’t be able to upload themes on doorbell. Viewer users are designed for observing doorbells, not customizing them. Solution: App Crashes During Theme Change: If your app suddenly stopped working while applying the theme, your app might be crashing because of various reasons. Solution: Doorbell is not connected to the internet: If the doorbell is not connected to the internet, it could hinder theme changes. To make sure if it’s the internet issue, try to check the live stream of the doorbell to confirm the issue. If the stream is not working it means that it is indeed an internet issue. Solution: Length of video themes: Theme Duration: Doorbell themes can only be up to 1 minute long. If your video is longer, you’ll need to trim it down before uploading. Many video editing apps or online tools can help you with this. Solution: Remember to test each solution sequentially and ensure that your device meets the system requirements for the doorbell app. If problems

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