What is Neighborhood in Irvinei app?

What the Feature Is About Irvinei’s Neighborhood feature is like a lively community center where you and your neighbors can share posts. It’s for everyone, whether or not you have an Irvinei doorbell. This feature has sub features like Neighborhood Watch, Crimometer for checking safety, and Vitality Score to see how things are in your […]

Unable to change theme on doorbell

If you’re facing difficulties changing the theme on your doorbell, several issues may be at play. Here are potential solutions for each problem: Upload Theme Button Disabled: Access level: If you’re a viewer user, you won’t be able to upload themes on doorbell. Viewer users are designed for observing doorbells, not customizing them. Solution: App […]

How to Upload a Theme to Your Doorbell?

Easily enhance your Irvinei doorbell’s appearance by uploading themes directly from your Irvinei app. Follow these simple steps to personalize your doorbell with the theme of your choice.

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